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The Samsung RF28HDEDT is a 36-inch French door refrigerator with a 27.8 cu. ft. total capacity, featuring a twin cooling system, LED lighting, external digital display and control, and a filtered ice maker. Its design includes a stainless steel finish, recessed handles, and hidden hinges.

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Water Not Dispensing with Filter

I have a French Door with bottom freezer Samsung refrigerator. I have been experiencing issues with the water dispenser. It will dispense water fine without the filter in it; however, when I put an OEM filter in it, it will only dispense water for a bit before stopping. I have to take out the filter and put it back in to get the water to flow again for a brief period of time. Tried replacing the filter and still get the same result. Please help!

RF28HDEDTSR is the model number

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Hi @vadad81

Could be a faulty water filter housing (supplier example only to show part and location0. Search online for DA97-08006D to find suppliers that suit you best.

DA97-08006D - Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Head and Tubing Bild


DA97-08006D - Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Head and Tubing


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