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Galaxy S smartphone from S20 family. Featuring a triple camera with AI, Infinity O display, LTE and WiFi 6 with 5G capability. Available in six new colors.

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How do I turn my screen back on, it charges but displays nothing

Ok so at first I looked online found a video says rub it this way and that and tap it all over, I think I popped out my sd and chip and it went back on second time I freaked problem was battery died, now last week I was rubbing it trying to clean of my cases screen while the screen was off while at my daughter bball game, get home. Wont go on, I popped out the chips again, nothing I plug it in for 20mins, nothing. I every so slightly twist it the boot up samsung logo and all that flicker on and off and then nothing, how do I fix it, or should I fork out the cash and get it pro done??

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Try a soft reset.

Hold in the volume down button and the power button. Hold them in until you see the Samsung logo. Once you see the Samsung logo let go of the buttons and see if it boots normally.

If it turns on but you cannot see anything only feel it vibrate then you will have to get it repaired.

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Thanks for the help, though I should have mentioned I have done this and still it does not work it just vibrates at me a little. guess i'll have to get it repaired, nuts.


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