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Headset completely lacking sound, Valve support says I can repair it?

Long story short, something about my HMD is wrong. Valve support won't help me much further than "you bought it from a 3rd party seller so we won't give you a new one but you can buy another one or go to iFixIt." The HMD does not produce sound. Not via the speakers nor the 3.5mm jack. The problem persists between computers, where windows says it is sending sound, but the headset does not receive it. What could I even replace to fix this problem? is it possible it's really just the cable and not the HMD?

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SOUNDS to be the cable.

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I ended up buying a new cable from steam. It got here in like a day so that's neat, and the sound even worked again for a couple days after I plugged it all in, and now I'm back to square one. So maybe it is the headset...


@cameronfowlks - Hmm @jayeff Lil' help here?



The OP says that Windows is sending audio so I assume that means that it is communicating with the headset OK i.e. it has detected it, installed drivers OK etc.

Don't know the headset but looking at an image of the cable it appears to be a USB-C connector at one end and a USB-C, USB3.0 and a 3.5mm socket at the other end

If audio is supplied via the cable and the cable has been replaced, check what the cable plugs into in the headset is not loose or damaged.


You've find a different tether than the valve index. It's power supply, display port, USB3.0 with a unique connector on the HMD side.

I guess I can pop open the headset to check out the connector though, thanks for the lead


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