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Will switch on but is stuck on a screen with small icon!

I have an iBook G4 which hasn’t been used/switched on for years, plugged it in and switched it on. It switches on but all I get is a white screen with a tiny little file icon with a question mark in it which then flips to the 2 blue face icon repeatedly. Am I doomed or can it be fixed? Not bothered if I can’t use the iBook any more I just want what’s saved on my hard drive if possible. Thanks

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@rachaelellen118 that means your iBook can't find and access the system folder. That could be a failed HDD, bad HDD cable or software error. Give something like this a try. If no luck with that, you could always try to get an enclosure for your HDD and try to access it as an external drive with a different computer. iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

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