My dishwasher starts to run then stops and beeps and flashes lights

So my kitchen aid dishwasher model KDPE234GPSO I’ll start it and I will start it cycle for about five minutes and then it will start beeping and then just stop. I used to shut the circuit breaker off for about a couple minutes and turn it back on and then it would run normal. It did this for a while and now it’s not working anymore. I don’t have a display to show errors I don’t know if there’s some type of error codes with which lights are flashing on it and how many times it blinks I’m not for sure. I’m trying to figure out. It runs long enough to release a tab. The start button starts flashing and so is the washing button and on the display up front it will just blink washing. But it don’t do anything it will be for a while, and then stop in about five minutes later it will beep again, but it does nothing. When I would shut the circuit breaker off in the past, it would work for a while, but it became an issue more and more as time went on.

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It is 5 years old


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