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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Screen replaced - Just a black screen now


I've recently replaced the screen on my 2020 13" Macbook Air M1, replacement went all fine, the thing boots, you get the chime, keyboard is backlit.

But, the screen is black. No backlight, nothing.

I've tried resetting SMC(?), NVRAM, power cycling to no avail.

Connecting to an external display, it works as intended (Currently mirrored), the internal screen is detected as it does show in Settings > Displays.

The webcam is working as I can unfortunately see myself when I open Facetime and get a preview.

I've tried reseating the cables again and still nothing.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

I bought the display from a UK eBay seller for £200 (rip me :( ) - contacted them to see what they say but it's strange.

Also tried increasing/decreasing screen brightness and that didn't work.

Why was it replaced? The screen suffered a hit in the top right of it and damaged it, no water damage or damage to the body/keyboard.

Also tried shining a bright torch behind the Apple logo and nada. Is that even still a thing you can do?

Update (06/05/23)

Hi @danj,

Replying here where I can actually attach images.

Ooh that's interesting!

I've taken a few pictures (I hope they're okay!), to me they look fine but what are your thoughts, worth a shot of me replacing this?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I promise the "goo" on some parts isn't liquid, feels more glue-y (not sticky like a soda)!

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@apoorsodlol - The cables contacts look OK, but the image is a bit washed out.

My guess is this is the last hurrah other than the logic boards connector which you won’t know until you pull it to replace the cable.

Do take the time to look over the backside as you had noted some sticky stuff, I don’t see anything around the connection but it might be on the other side.



Thanks Dan, I've got a replacement ordered so fingers are crossed, I'll let you know of the outcome.


Hi @danj,

I've had the replacement part you linked come today, removed the logic board, underside of that looked all good, nothing sticky.

Fitted the new part, put it all back.... still nothing :(.

Do you think I should try the calibration again or do you have any other ideas?

Could it be it's just half dead now and I should just use it in clamshell mode?

Also, I still don't see anything taking a flashlight to it in a dim room.


@apoorsodlol - Bummer! This truly doesn’t make sense!

We’ve gone down the display rabbit hole as far as we can now. So that only leave one more place to look which is the Hall Sensor logic! Here there is a magnet in the display that hits a spot on the uppercase to tell the logic board the lid is up as well as down. Clearly it’s stuck in the down sense state.

The sensor is part of the right speaker unit MacBook Air 13" (A2337, Late 2020) Right Speaker. So is it this side that got the worse of it when you dropped it?


Hi @danj,

It was the right side that suffered the hit! The right speaker still works.

I'm willing to try replacing this too, as what's the worse that can happen?

Is that ol' trick of running a magnet across it still doable, just to see if it could be that and would I need to run the magnet across the keyboard side on the right?


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Are you able to see an image on an external display when in clam shell mode? If you do then the display is the problem.

That’s not to say the display is bad, it’s not programmed. Return it and get your money back. These jober sellers don’t know things have changed with the M series systems. These displays which sneak out the side door can’t be used.

You need to use the Apple suppled display part from their self repair offering Self-Servicing Account Program as you need access to the paywalled calibration tool as Apple has locked things down!

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Hi Dan,

I can confirm I can see an image on a external display when in clam shell mode.

That's rather unfortunate, I didn't know Apple locked down displays on Macbooks like that too.

I don't think the self-servicing stuff Apples offers is even available in the UK (Could be wrong, please do correct me).

At least I know the screen I bought works but is useless!


@apoorsodlol - Sadly, Apples fight to the Right to Repair movement has driven them into the John Deere mode. So without access to the needed software tools you can’t fix things on your own using your own parts source. Now you’re being forced to use only Apple supplied parts.

You need to wake up your community on what is happening! Please support the Right to Repair with no strings attached!

FYI - ONGOING COVERAGE: Right-to-Repair Impact on Dealers, Deere, Other OEMs


Hi @danj,

Hope you're good!

Just a quick one to see if you know a possible answer:

I returned my original placement screen from eBay and went through Apples Self Service Repair and got a new screen, done the system calibration with their support but my mac is still encountering the same issue, black display but webcam still works.

Self service support is rather lacking for this, I won't lie.


@apoorsodlol - We that sucks!

So we know the display here is good and the calibration (serialized the display to the system) has happened. So we addressed the first issues.

So now we have a backlight logic issue which is surprising given what happened.

Let’s give this a try in a dimmed room do you see any glow from the display?

Using a flashlight pressed against the display at a sharp angle some of the light will find its way to the back of the LCD and bounce back. You should see a faint image of your desktop and its icons, do you see them?


Hi @danj,

Firstly, thanks very much for your help so far, I do greatly appreciate it, you're a legend!

> Let’s give this a try in a dimmed room do you see any glow from the display?

Nothing, I got under the covers with it and the screen is just as black as it can be.

Same with taking a flashlight to it, tried multiple angles, locations and brightness (variable flashlight) and I don't see any sign of imagery on the display.

Rather annoyingly, Self Service Repair wants to initiate a return (that's ok on it's own) *but* I need to buy another(!) screen beforehand.

And if they deem the original one they sent is working, they'll ship it back and won't return the credit for it so I'd likely end up having 2 useless screens that I likely can't resell as they need calibration. Madness.


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