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New alternator not charging battery

I bought a 2002 Pontiac Montana AWD van with tow package drove it home ran fine next day drove it about 10 miles and it started running really bad no power I checked battery was dead, I charger battery and it ran fine for a little while then same thing battery went dead again, everyone says OH it's the battery but I didn't think so because it's a new maintenance free battery so I checked to see how many volts it was putting out when running it was less than 12 volts should have been at least 14. So I pulled off neg. Battery cable it stopped running soon as I pulled it off, so I am thinking it's the alternator, I bought a new not rebuilt alternator ordered it from eBay, put it on and same thing not getting power from the alternator I checked all fuses and relays but it's running straight off of battery. I am going to take the alternator I took off to see if it is bad because the new alternator could be bad but if not what would cause the battery not get power from alternator if everything checked out?

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The charge rate is controlled by the engine control module (ECM). The ECM acts as a variable voltage regulator. Charge the battery then start the engine and check the voltage to the alternator at charge control wire. If it's low, run a jumper from the output of the alternator or the battery to the charge control terminal and a good alternator will make near full power. If this happens, the alternator is good and the problem is the wiring or the ECM.

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Thank you so very much for your response I have tried to look up everything on line and everyone from their brother tried to tell me everything except what and how to do what I wanted to know. I needed to find out if this new alternator I installed is working and if it is then what could the problem be if not a fuse, where do I start to check? And your elexplaination of how to start and check is a great release in my mind. Thank you I won't forget you


Sorry but I needed to ad this I will try this and let you know what I find out


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