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The Monte Carlo was a luxury coupe sold by Chevrolet from 1970 until 2007. It spans several generations with some overlap between different models and other GM vehicles.

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Why is my car belt kinda jumping

The belt that makes the engine run makes a small jumping motion that can be seen when looking under the hood any suggestions?

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@ju5chyl7thh6m6d number one rule when dealing with belts, do NOT touch anything with your fingers, hands etc. while the engine is running. Keep your clothing and hair away from the belts as well. Do not lean into and put your face etc beside the belt while the engine is running. Snapped belts will whip your face something fierce. Be careful around those when you check. NEVER WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.


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Not sure what this looks like. When the motor is running, the belt will show some minor vibrations, but nothing that should be described as "jumping". Could possibly be the idler pulley spring is too loose and not putting enough tension on the belt. With the engine NOT running, how tight does the belt feel? - should be pretty snug.

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