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The second generation Rogue is a version of Nissan X-Trail and inspired by the Hi-Cross Concept to adapt to North American market.

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Why do I hear noise when I accelerate?

When I first start the car and I in drive, when I accelerate the car make loud noise that eventual dies down once the heats up?

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@moniquegoings what kind of noise? Sounds like ? Where in general do you think that noise comes from (side, rear, front, bottom)? Any check engine lights on? Anything unusual when you drive your Rogue (other than the noise)? What exact year is your Rogue?


Pressing gas pedal when start to drive. I already had my catalytic converter replace. Rumbling sound in the front.


It a Rogue 2015


@moniquegoings do you hear that noise only when your Rogue moves or is the noise there when you are stopped and the engine running?


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That is a fairly vague description of the problem. If it goes away quickly, it may be the exhaust system. That expands quite a bit as it heats up and that expansion may provide clearance that the system doesn't have when it cool.

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