Lloytron Sports Live not working at all

This is small, simple portable FM/MW/LW radio with 2xAA batteries, aerial and speaker.. Had it about 2 years (bought new, but it's an old model). Last few weeks, need to turn volume up very loud to get proper sound . Now no sound at all. (Fully charged batteries.) Unfortunately it's been knocked off low coffee table onto carpeted floor several times over the years, but it still worked perfectly till the other week. No visible damage (from outside), no audibly loose parts. Volume wheel still working fine. This has happened with previous similar radios too eventually.

Please tell me is it likely repairable, and if so, how difficult? (I've never mended radio before, but maybe a friend who used to work in electronics? Or a repair cafe? (but it's a long way to travel there on bus, that's why I'm asking). Any hints please. Or it's kaputt? Thanks

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@newby123 just to clarify. It all seems to work except the volume?


No, this is a very simple radio - only way you can tell it's on is the volume (no lights or anything). As stated in title, radio now not working at all. What I meant: the volume control (which is a wheel) is still physically working (not stuck/slipping as sometimes occurs with radios), but no sound coming out. (Previous situation, few weeks ago, you had to turn up volume to a certain level - too loud for me - to avoid unreliable, randomly interrupted sound, but then was otherwise fine. But now just nothing, silence, whatever I do.) Only that nothing Looks wrong from outside, and no sound of loose/broken components jiggling about. Grateful for your advice, please. Thanks.


Hi , if this is any help, it's this one:



@newby123 It sounds like the issue is with the volume control. After all it is only a potentiometer and I wonder if you think you can open the radio housing up.

Anyone of these?


Ok, Thanks. I'll be in touch again when I've found the right size screwdriver (and just checked radio's out of guarantee as don't want to invalidate it, as looks newer than I thought). Also I'll have a look for the old paper manual I had, as unfortunately can't read the online one I posted link to above, as not all pages will appear on my phone I'm reading this on. - Can't download it as having trouble with the Captcha's on manuals website it's on! Thanks again for replying.


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