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Die vierte Generation des Fairphone, hergestellt vom sozialen Unternehmen gleichen Namens. Durchgeführt im Oktober 2021.

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The LCD scree have some problems.

I noticed that the LCD screen is super sensitive inside of my pocket? Do you think is some problems?

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If the problems are bad enough to write about it on this forum, it has to be severe. Have you cleaned the screen thoroughly? Have you removed the screenprotector if present? If that didn't resolve the issue, it is likely that your digitizer is broken. I have no experience with this specific phone, but the digitizer is probably glued to the LCD. You have to replace the screen in order to resolve this issue.

If you don't have any experience with phone repairs, it would be wise to consult a repair shop. They can judge the problem visually and give the best feedback.

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None of those you mentioned is related, i noticed the phone screen. It the edge that my finger is contact closer touch with LCD. Some how is able to touch it.


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