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Reparaturanleitungen für Fahrzeuge der Marke Vauxhall

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Why does my window not close?

When I look the vehicle the passenger window goes up and goes down and stays down

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Hi @kimcele,

What is the year and model name of the vehicle?

Also which passenger window, front or rear?

How do you make it go up when you say it won't close?


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Common problem with the Body Control Module (BCM) on this one, and quite a few others too. The quickest way is to buy a change-over unit from a parts supplier (repaired, tested and under a good warranty - and cheap enough). I wouldn't recommend second-hand, as these are a common problem. If you want to repair your own, you'll need a de-solder station & soldering iron with adjustable temperature. Re-work any dry joints you can find (especially on connectors and relays) and clean out the PCB relays (difficult to get exact replacements for). Use a strip cut from thin card and pinch it gently between the relay contacts while drawing it through until you can't see a black carbon trace on the card any longer. I've personally fixed hundreds of these and many more like them. If you need help repairing, post photos of both sides of the BCM PCB.

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