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A 4-cycle straight shaft string trimmer manufactured by Troy-Bilt. This model is identified by TB675 EC.

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Line nipple on body.

I have a 3rd line nipple, straight, but NOT on carburetor, on body close to shaft. Anyone know the purpose of this nipple? How about where the line needs to go? FYI....only a two pole primer bulb, and, my trimmer has a choke.

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I believe this is a grease fitting to lube the drive shaft bearings. As you hadn’t posted an image that’s my best guess.

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Post a picture... now why didn't I think of that?!!!

Grease fitting is a great try, but a no cigar.

This is definitely a fitting that's made for a fuel line... I just don't know why? I'll get a pic loaded up later today, let you have a look at it. Might jar something at that point.


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