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Manufactured from 2004 to 2009, the Vino 125 has a 125cc engine.

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My vino loses soark after I let it sit for a few hours or when I first

My vino 125 loses spark when it’s cold sitting over night once I get it to start it will run all day but if I let it sit it loses soark

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Why does my vino lose soark after I let it sit


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Hi @anthonyarthur

If the motor turns over OK on starting and the fuel supply is OK then it seems as there is an ignition problem.

Metal contracts when it is cold and expands when it heats up.

It may be when cold there's a faulty electrical connection e.g. dry solder joint perhaps, that prevents the ignition circuit from operating correctly. Once it warms up the connection is good enough to maintain the circuit operation

Here's the service manual for the scooter that may help.

Go to p.7-10 (p.247 of 293 pdf numbering) to view the troubleshooting flowcharts for the ignition system.

I suggest that you do this when the engine is cold as you may not find anything when the engine is warm or even if the ambient temperature is warm and the scooter has just warmed up without being started.

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