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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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Innards Stuck Inside The Case

Hi, so a week ago, i bought some more ram to put in my cube, to speed it up a little bit. When i went to open it, I pushed down on the handle, it popped up, and when i grabbed it to pull the innards out, they wouldn't budge! I can't get my cube apart. It works fine, i can plug it in and use it like normal, but can't open it. I bought it about 4 years ago second-hand during the "Cube Craze" as a neat thing to keep on my desk. Does anyone have any idea how to get this thing apart? I've tried shaking it, orienting it in every direction, before pulling it out, but have had no success.

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Chris, here's an answer I found for you on an Apple discussion forum:


The Cube chassis can get stuck in the case because the Airport card or other internal piece is out of alignment. This issue is brought up on Cubeowner.com from time to time and the usual method of removing the chassis is using a long thin blade to run down the inside of the case (between the chassis and plastic case)to try and find the obstruction. A cake frosting knife is ideal for this.

A certain amount of tension by pulling on the handle, inserting the knife and trial and error usually does the job.

There is no easier way that most have found to do this.

Just go slow and it will eventually pop out.




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I got it open with two knives, and a little banging of the chasis on a table(I'm not entirely sure which one got it open) but now, i reboult the closing/opening mechanism, and it works fine now, thanks!


I had the same problem. It turned out the (unnecessary?) Optical Drive's back plate wasn't attached correctly. One of the lugs was outside, not inside the hole it goes in. This made the plate stick out a few millimeters and snag on the case. Trusty kitchen knife was enough to push it down and let it pop out.


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It's binding somehow. Maybe the RAM tab. Worth a try stuff - turn it on and let it heat up, then try it.

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RAM tab doesn't stick out enough, but could easily be one of the smaller logic boards.


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