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Why my switch for signal lights are not working

What happen if the switch on the steering wheel like the signal and wipers are not working and the head light too

Update (06/06/23)

Mitsubishi outlander 2017

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@henrytesei Let's start with the fuses. If you do not have the car manual at hand, you can access it via this link.

We'll start with the main fuse compartment. Pull the following fuses out of the main fuse compartment: F2 (15 Amp), F4 (10 Amp), F17 (10 Amp), F18 (10 Amp), F19 (20 Amp), F20(20 Amp), F21(20 Amp), and F22(20 Amp). Use a multimeter in continuity/diode check/resistance mode. When you measure across the terminals of the fuse (don't touch both probes or fuse terminals with your hands), it should beep or have a number on the display close to 0. If you don't have a multimeter or don't know what it is let me know in a reply. When putting the fuses back in the main fuse compartment, make sure you put the correctly rated fuses in the correct spot (the fuses will have the amp rating on the top, e.g. 10).

Block Image

Now we will do the same for the Passenger Compartment Fuse Box. Check fuses 4 (30 Amp), 6 (10 Amp), 8 (15 Amp), 12 (15 Amp), 20 (7.5 Amp).

Block Image

Let me know how the results come out.

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Man I did check everything is working but the wipers sometimes when I start the car it’s on and sometime it’s off like the switch for the lights and signal


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