Honda shakes and dies low RPM. Exhaust smells like gas recent tuneup

I recently pulled into work , car ran fine. afterword it wouldn't ignite and start. just turn over. So i got gas thinking it was empty but still just tried to start just wouldnt ignite and go.

we then replaced damaged spark plugs

replaced broken wires

replaced dis cap and rotor

replaced fuel filters primary and secondary,

replaced coil, after all this the car finally would start BUT it would not drive. anytime the RPMS got below 1k it would shake and die. Also shakes and backfires when starting. Its got a carb on it so I was thinking the carb needs tuning. but thats above my pay grade. what do you think?

Update (06/10/23)

The plugs had buildup and gunk in them Blue

  • Engine size:
    1.8L 1751CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally
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@brianwebb64108 this "Also shakes and backfires when starting." sounds more like an ignition issue. Let us know the exact year and engine size for your Accord. You mentioned replacing damaged spark plugs. How were they damaged? In what way?


@brianwebb64108 when you pull your new plugs, what does the plug face look like. Grey and ashen or black, oily and soot? What year is your Accord?


@oldturkey03 the new plugs should look new as I have not driven it yet just idled a bit. it idles really well as long as the rpms are above 1k it sounds great. its a 1983 honda accord. the old spark plugs had what looked like the typical black goo found in old high milage cars. a few of them had some buildup of metal or something hard..

Also a few other things i noticed. When I start the car it doesnt start in high idle aka cold start.. It use to no matter what then Id kick it down into low. ., ALso now when its running it reaks of gas so strong. I swear you could shoot a flame out the back with a lighter.


@oldturkey03 Sorry i thought I already replied to you a day ago. Its a 1983 4 liter this is my baby here


sorry its a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder,


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