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The 2009 Audi A6 offers significant changes for the A6 model line, by combining superior driving dynamics and sophisticated technology with exceptional comfort and equipment.

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How to unlock my audi with the keys inside.

I have recently locked by keys in the boot so ihave trie everything in power to unlock but to no avail. Please assist..

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If you can get into the passenger compartment, have you tried lowering the rear seat to reach in?

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The whole car is locked so i do not have access whatsoever. I was hoping to do this without any sort of damage to the car..


@richardmmatli - Sadly cars are getting harder to get in!

No second key? Did save the key ring the keys came with the car, there is often a small tag with a code. It allows you to order a replacement key. Some locksmiths have the blanks to cut the key if they have the code. Some newer keys have a electric element to prevent the ignition to function.

Tow operators sometimes can open a car so they can shift the car into neutral before they tow the car. Of course that only works in the city.

Maybe the local police can offer help. They of course know the car thefts! Maybe they can get one to help you (I know! Asking a thief for help does send the wrong message)

As an example my car only has a FOB which you click or I could program it to open the car as soon as I’m near the car. A newer version of keyless entry lets you use your phone.

I still have one key entry door but over time and lack of use it no longer works! One day my car battery will be dead at which point I’ll be like you on the wrong side of the coin too!

Sorry 😢


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@richardmmatli it will depend on your location. The last thing you would want to try is to jimmy the door (unless you have experience). I have used AAA to unlock one of my vehicles before. There are also mobile locksmiths that offer unlock services. None of that is free but it's usually cheaper than to deal with any damage caused by forcing an entry.

Audi uses something called Advanced Key which allows the use of a cellphone app for entry etc. but that will have to be setup ahead of time. Unless you have done that already, it will not work for you now.

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