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How to project to a monitor the Setup page?

I have reset my laptop to factory settings, now it is stuck on the startup page because I cannot see what is written since my screen is broken. How can I project to a monitor the start up screen? When I plug the VGA/HDMI cable the monitor say no signal.

I have tried disconnecting the screen on the mother board still it won't project.

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@anathymada78146 project via a projector? I would suggest you connect an external monitor. See what that shows you. If that does not work you may have more issues then just a broken screen.

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Hi @oldturkey03,

Depends what the OP means by "Startup page" or "Setup page".

If they mean BIOS then using an external monitor won't work . The vga/HDMI ports only work once an OS has been loaded. Doesn't work for BIOS.

If by "Setup" they mean the Windows setup page how do they know that it has got that far It may not have passed POST.

Replacing the screen may be the first step if it is a broken screen and not just one that doesn't work.



@jayeff I agree it's a bit cryptic :-) I agree. A new screen should be the first step with this repair.


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