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Information and repair details for the Samsung Refrigerator RS22HD*PN**, a 2014 model with a side-mounted freezer, automatic defrosting, and an automatic ice maker. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS22HD*PN**.

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Refrigerator side doesn’t get below 45. Freezer works

Redfrigerator make/model


The fridge is about 6-7 years old

Freezer works fine. It gets down to -1. Refrigerator only gets down to approximately 50 degrees. According to the display it thinks the refrigerator gets down to 37. I’ve checked it with 2 non contact thermometers, a volt meter thermometer, and a refrigerator thermometer with the door closed overnight.

Tested old fridge fan with 12 volts. It ran.


Control board, refrigerator thermister, and then the refrigerator side fan.


Power supply board. All output voltages are good.

Door switches work. Verified that the fans come on and lights go out when door is closed.

Freezer and refrigerator evaporator coils- neither are icing up and both are clean. Only a little frost on the bulb.

Cleaned condenser coil and fan. Compressor and condenser fan both work.

Even though it wasn’t frozen I did a complete defrost and cleaned out the refrigerator.

My wife tried checking the refrigerator for fault codes but it didn’t have any.

I tried running a fan in the refrigerator with the condenser coil cover open. I was able to get the refrigerator down into the 20’s this way. I’m running out of ideas. Any advice?

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Hi @jasonturne89330,

Looking at a parts diagram for the refrigerator section it appears as though there are 2 temperature sensors, part numbers 1-1 & 4-1. Although looking at the location of part 4-1 it may be used as a defrost sensor given that it is close to the evaporator coil

Perhaps one of them is faulty giving the control board incorrect information. Not sure but if there are 2 in the one compartment it may calculate the combined resistance of both to come up with a temp measurement. You said you changed "the refrigerator thermistor" so I presume only one, but which one?

Couldn't find a free download online but perhaps the service manual may also help.

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@jayeff you're way better at finding this type of info, is there anyway to find a resistance chart for the temp probes? If so, then I recommend placing the probes in a glass of ice water, and ohming them out to see what they're reading. It sounds like the probes have drifted. They're still showing resistance, so the board reads them, but the actual temp doesn't match what the probes are saying the temp is. I've run across this multiple times before.



Usually the service manual has the temp/resistance chart for the sensors but I couldn't find a free manual for this model.

Also when looking at images of the sensor using the spare part number, it just shows a plastic encased component with no markings so you can't use that either to find out the type and model number of the sensor. Once you know the type or model number you can usually find the datasheet for it.

Other sensors e.g. bi-metal type ( not NTC thermistor type) normally have information stamped on them, so at least you can search for the datasheet


That is a bummer. I'd almost bet they're using 10K sensors though. They're the most common


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