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Pontiac Montana not charging

2002 Pontiac Montana 3.4

Alternator was replaced with a new one not rebuilt, but still has same problem, new alternator was checked and it's okay. Check engine light is not on, and when code checker is plunged into computer it does not come on. How do you check ECM computer when code checker won't even come on?

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@jkeef make sure that you have a good battery and clean the battery contacts. Check your ground wires and clear of all corrosion. This "when code checker is plunged into computer it does not come on", sounds like a bad fuse. Check for power on your OBD2 connector. It is commonly fused with the cigarette lighter outlet. IF your OBD2 should get power, but still not work, then the issue is your ECM not the OBD.

Check the fusible link as well as the rest of the wiring as well as the fuses as outlined in the wiring diagram.

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