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Tesa tape 61395 too thin

I bought Tesa tape 61395 to affix a replacement screen to the plastic mid frame and it’s a bit too thin so that when I touch the screen it causes pressure points where it appears compontents are pushing against the back of the LCD.

The original tape seemed to be more of a foam type than what the Tesa tape is but I can’t find any info on what it was specifically. I thought the Tesa tape was it since it’s black but I guess not. Should I just stack two layers of Tesa tape to see it that works? Would that even hold up long term? Is there somewhere I can getting he foam tape Lenovo uses? Or is there a thicker tape that would work instead?

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Hi @esocrates

You may have to try two layers and check if that works.

Here's the parts list for the laptop.

Click on Select Commodity > Die Cut Pieces\Double Sided Adhesive and Foam (7).

I'm not sure which particular one is the one you need, but in any case when searching online using the Lenovo part number for any of them, all results say no longer available although a few say to contact them for an alternate product.

Hopefully this may be of some help.

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I appreciate the link. I was able to see that the replacement screens they offer come with the mid frame already attached so they don’t seem to offer the foam tape Im trying to find as a separate item.

Their listings for adhesive are for a few different things like the battery adhesive or wire tape but none for the screen.

I was more hoping someone in the ifixit community that has worked on many different devices has ran into thin black double sided foam tape in a device before and knew where to buy a roll of it.


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