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The Nest cam is a security camera by Google that helps it's users keep their homes safe.

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The old owners of the house left the nest cam but cut the cable

I recently moved into a house and the old owners left their nest cam above the garage but have cut the power cable close to the cam. Is this salvageable or only good now as a deterrent?

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@davidhobbs60715 Can you confirm the model of the nest camera? Do you know how to solder?


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I don’t think they cut the cable.

The nest cam indoor / outdoor has an internal rechargeable battery. You can run it with the cable always attached in which case you have the opportunity to record continuous video or you can charge the battery periodically and use motion detection to initiate video recording.

I don’t have one in front of me right now, but the cable is a modified usb cable. One end is USB and the other attaches to the camera and only provides power to charge the battery (or to keep it charged).

Google sells replacement cables.

5 meter outdoor cable or this one that they ship with.

My guess is that they forgot to grab the camera before they left. If they realized they were intentionally leaving the camera, I bet they would have left you the cable to.

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