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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Both USB-C charge ports blown in the same spot: How did this happen?

I’ve replaced the charging port and fixed the laptop, but what’s interesting, is how pin #7 is blown on BOTH ports. Is this pure coincidence, or is this a sign that the Charge Cable is not safe and blowing ports?

Block Image

The charger is definitely NOT Apple

Block Image

And it kinda looks bent

Block Image

I looked at the generic charge cable under the microscope and on one side, there’s 3 in a row that don’t have pins, so I guess that means it’s missing a pin, right? I don’t have a microscope camera yet, so I drew a diagram:

Block Image

That’s not normal, right? They’re supposed to match, but opposing, right? My question is: How can a missing pin on the cable fry the charging port pin? Did the absence of the pin make the electricity try to jump across and fry the charge port?

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The voltages here are not high enough to jump that far on its own. It would need some help like salt water which makes water more conducive.


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Are they using real Apple charger and cable? It’s possible the cable has a short burning the line.

Did the ports get wet? A good splash could have entered and the person tried both ports blowing both!

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I updated my post


@rickcostel - I would recommend to the customer to replace the cable with the proper Apple cable at least and maybe even the charger to at least an Apple blessed one.

While the connector has a standard, the wiring and gage of the wires weren’t defined! A power cable is different from a data cable. Then we have four different data standards that run though it!


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