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Based on the fifth generation Legacy, the fourth generation Subaru Outback was introduced in April 2009 at the New York Auto Show, the fifteenth anniversary of the first Outback's introduction at the same event.

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Where is the cheapest place to buy headlights?

Where is the cheapest place to buy headlights

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Ehud, do you mean headlight bulbs or the entire headlight assembly?


@ehudzaltzman What model year is your Subaru Outback?


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I've always found the Auto Wreckers will do it cheaper than most. The cheapest of these will let you take it off yourself using your own tools. The biggest of these here is U-Pull-it, but you will need to check locally where you are. Go to their website first and check their stock lists to hunt for your make & model or research to find equivalents that fit your vehicle. Some you can call to check if they have stock.

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