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AEG Favorit Pro Intensiv built-in dishwasher

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Why does my dishwasher stop operating before the drain cycle?

Unable to diagnose the fault with my AEG dishwasher.

Dishwasher appears to operate as normal with one exception, when the drain motor needs to operate, the machine aborts the current programme and then goes into fault mode, leaving detergent/waste water in the sump. My workaround is to manually drain the sump by hand.

Have checked for blockages, and tested the drain motor while removed from the machine. If I mechanically remove the motor, but leave it connected I can see it operate as expected - it just won't spin when the cycle requires it to.

Am considering electrically isolating the motor from the machine and creating a separate circuit to operate the drain motor, with proper safety precautions in place.

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Hi @alanodonohoe,

Don't know AEG products but try checking for any error codes as they may give an idea what's going on.

Unfortunately I can't find out how to decipher them as yet but have found a list of codes that may help if there is a code

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Really helpful thank you.

Error code reported a drain issue - stripped out the whole drainage system and found a blockage which I was able to clear by blowing.

Had previously cleared the drain hose, but I guess I wasn't thorough enough. Machine operating now.


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