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Replacement battery won’t charge

I bought iFixit replacement batteries for my XPS 9550 and also XPS 9350. The replacement worked fine for the XPS 9350, but the XPS 9550 won’t charge.

When running the pre-boot diagnostics, it reports:

  • Battery Charge is 0%
  • Battery Health is 100%
  • Battery voltage ranges between 7000mV and 13000mV
  • Battery current flow is 0mA
  • Battery charging state is Idle
  • AC adapter is 130W

I’ve made sure the BIOS is the latest, and all Windows Updates are current.

I’ve tried two chargers and both report the same without charging. The charger works with the XPS 9350 without problems.

Is it likely the new XPS 9550 battery is defective? Or is there something else that could be wrong?


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@kc99 does the old battery charge?


The original does not charge now, and the system reports it is near end of life. In the pre-boot diagnostics, the voltage of the original battery stays consistently around 7500mV. However, the current flow is still 0 mA, the charge is 0%, the state is idle, and the health is 61%.


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I contacted iFixit support, and they sent a replacement. The replacement seems to work fine, so the other must have been defective.

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