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LG "6 Motion Direct Drive" washing machine released around 2017. Product code FH4G6TDYW2.ABWQWFS.

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I need to adjust the legs of my product

I need to adjust the legs of my product

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Hi @mohamedsaa60547

Here's the section from the user manual that shows how to adjust the feet to level the machine.

The manual is in French but the instructions seem to be self explanatory.

Block Image

(click on image)

If you don't understand french then here's a Google translation of what is says in the image:

"Device Upgrade If the floor is uneven, turn the adjustable feet as needed (do not insert pieces of wood, etc under the feet).

Make sure the four feet are stable and resting on the ground then check that the device is perfectly level (use a spirit level).

Once the unit is level, tighten the nuts towards the base of the device. All nuts must be tight. Raise Lower Nut Firmly tighten the 4 nuts Check diagonally

If you press on the edges of the plate diagonally, the appliance must not up and down at all (check both sense). If the device tips over when you push the diagonal top machine plate, adjust the feet again.

NOTICED • A wooden or suspended type floor can contribute to excessive vibration and imbalance. • If the washing machine is installed on a platform raised, it must be firmly fixed in such a way eliminate the risk of falling."

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