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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation Isuzu Rodeo.

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Why my cooler does not work

My car cooler does not work

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@mgholtyob Are you saying that your air conditioning system is not working?


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Presuming your ac is broken, the most likely reason for 98% of ac failures in vehicles is the leak that inevitably occurs from wear and tear of driving over less than perfect roads. Repairs are not diy friendly as more than casual knowledge if diagnosing, troubleshooting and reparing ac systems is required to restore full ac functioning. This means not buying store refill kits containing sealer. They do not work since they do not guarantee repairs with a money back guarantee if a refill with sealer permanently fixes a leak. Anyone can learn to repair ac systems, at the least replace damaged parts. The best way to determine the extent of damage and your skills would be buying an inexpensive uv blacklight. Remove one or both ac service valve caps and look for dye. If dye is seen, shine the uv light on it and see if it glows. If dye is used, shine the uv light on every part of the ac system to find the leak; invisible refrigerant, dye and oil leaks out damaged areas with dye revealing where damage occurred.

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