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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für die 2020er Neuauflage des MacBook Air. Erschienen im März 2020

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What problems see from the picture

Block Image

It won’t charge and turn on my MacBook Air 2020

Because battery connection is corroded?

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Did you spill anything on or near the machine?


I didn’t spill anything


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This looks pretty normal to me. What looks like liquid is leftover flux from the manufacturing process. It's not unusual to see on these larger blobs of solder. And those two large solder blobs look like that on most other MacBook Airs I have seen.

Does the machine turn on if you unplug the battery? If it does not, battery is likely not your issue. I would try unplugging the trackpad next. and see if that makes a difference.

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After removing the battery, is it safe to put it back in without tape?

(MacBook Air 2020)


@peach40776 Safe for testing, and there are some screws that hold it in place, but I would recommend installing new adhesive once you figure out the issue.

The battery is quite thin and screws are only present along the outer edges, so the tape helps to keep it in place.


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