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The Dodge Dakota (called the Ram Dakota for its final two years of production) is a mid-size pickup truck from Chrysler’s Ram division (formerly called the Dodge Truck division). The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991, though they were not introduced until 1996 for the 1997 model year.

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Changing the abs module

I need to change the ABS control module on a 2001 dodge dakota that has 4x4 with a 4.7 liter engine

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I have a 98 dakota 2wd sport with a five speed and rear anti-lock brakes. Here are the symptoms I had.

ABS Light - on

Brake light - on

Check engine light - on (occasionally)

Speedometer worked sporadically (if at all) most times not.

Truck would not idle when you went to slow down to turn or stop without goosing the accelerator a little. However it would start and isle fine until you drove it a short distance. Above 20mph I think.

Would backfire going down hill unless pushing the accelerator. After replacing the ABS sensor, it still had the same symptoms. I removed the CAB module and broke into it only to find it looked like brand new with no signs of and wear or corrosion. I finally found that the cable (2 wires) running from the ABS sensor had a small worn spot about 4 inches back from where the ABS cable / wires meet up to the harness. The red wire was hanging on by only a strand. I fixed the wire and that cured all but the break light. I found that someone else had the same problem. Hope this helps!


As it turns out. The broken wire fixed it all. The break light was on because the ebrake was slightly down LOL.


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I believe that Dodge calls it the CAB (Controller antilock brake). See if this sounds familiar:


The Controller Antilock Brake (CAB) is mounted to the Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) and operates the ABS system.


The CAB voltage source is through the ignition switch in the RUN position. The CAB contains a self check program that illuminates the ABS warning light when a system fault is detected. Faults are stored in a diagnostic program memory and are accessible with the DRB III scan tool. ABS faults remain in memory until cleared, or until after the vehicle is started approximately 50 times. Stored faults are not erased if the battery is disconnected.

NOTE: If the CAB is being replaced with a new CAB is must be reprogrammed with the use of a DRB III.


(1) Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.

(2) Pull up on the CAB harness connector release and remove connector.

(3) Remove the CAB mounting bolts.

(4) Remove the pump connector from the CAB.

(5) Remove the CAB from the HCU.


NOTE: If the CAB is being replaced with a new CAB is must be reprogrammed with the use of a DRB III.

(1) Install CAB to the HCU.

(2) Install the pump connector to the CAB.

(3) Install mounting bolts. Tighten to 2 N·m (16 in. lbs.).

(4) Install the wiring harness connector to the CAB and push down on the release to secure the connector.

(5) Install negative battery cable to the battery."

Hope this helps, good luck

Block Image

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no that didn't help where is it located


@craigy show scamatics


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I just discovered today that the dakotas at least do not have an actual abs pump.

The “pump" is called the HCU (hydraulic control unit) and looks little more than a brake line junction box. It will have TWO solenoid looking thingies on the top and has a white,blue,black and one other color wire running to 4 pin connector directly to the Kelsey Hayes little black abs “computer" it's on the driver side. Just find the abs computer and follow the 4 pin connector it's right there. Easy to miss.

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Can you disconnect this and bypass it


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Ask someone if they can post scamatics 2 show u wat it looks like

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Were? is it located can u show me?


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How to move it out so I can change brake lines (rusted) ?

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