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Die Xbox Series S ist die aktuelle Konsole von Microsoft, die ohne Laufwerk auskommt. Sie wurde mit ihrem großen Bruder, der Xbox Series X, am 10. November 2020 veröffentlicht.

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Error 0x87e50007 any help in what to do next would be great

So recently after the recent system update I've been getting this 0x87e50007 error any time I try to play an online game like cod or diablo. I can play normal games that don't have online play and even games off game pass. I've tried everything from resetting to full factory reset even did an offline system update with no luck. It's under warranty and Microsoft could fix it or well fix or replace it. But 2 problems with that is 1 it would be gone for over a month and 2 if they replace it, it would be with a refurbished one. And I'm not ok with getting a refurbished one when I've only had this one for 2 months. Kinda a pain honestly and feels like a rip off in a way. Any help would be great

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So what I do know from this error is that error is happening due to their needing to be a software update for whatever game your playing. My best guess for this would be to try to manually pull a update for the game. I’m sure someone else here might have a better idea as to what to try however I can offer for you to try these

I would check to see if your on the internet when you attempt to play these games as software updates should pop up anytime you try to play them if they have any.

Next since I believe both of these are series enhanced games make sure they are on your internal drive or a expansion card. Note this does not count anything over usb only external drives plugged into the detected slot will work with these games unfortunately

After that you could see if it’s a networking issue with and reset your mac address. You can do this by going to Settings>general>network settings>advanced settings>alternative MAC address and clear it.

If that still doesn’t fix it try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it it might be missing some game files it needs to run properly.

If that didn’t fix it the last thing you could do is make sure that xbox can reach you on their ports which can be found here https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hard...

If after all of that there still is issues my bet is that there is a drive problem or there is a drive issue with the game not installing right. Or something with the network card.

Hopefully someone else can provide more information if my solutions didn’t help I will wish you best of luck on your console

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