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The second generation Rogue is a version of Nissan X-Trail and inspired by the Hi-Cross Concept to adapt to North American market.

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Power seat not working

My driver seat is powered and will still go up and down but won’t go forward or back? Not sure what could be wrong.

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Hello! It's possible that you have a malfunctioning track motor or one of the wires to it was damaged. That's where I would start.

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@mecca92183 besides the prior answer, I would go through the SM that deals with the Seats and test the wiring. I have the one for the 2016 model but this should pretty much apply to the ones from 2013-2020. 2016 Rogue Seats Check if you have power to it and check the connectors with a test light, to see if your motor control works. If all of it checks out, it's possibly the motor. Again, you will have to go through the troubleshooting.

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