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Nescafé Dolce Gusto ist eine Kapselsystem für Espressomaschinen von Nestlé, Hersteller sind Arno, Krups und De'Longhi

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Not working, no sound from pump.

My Dolce gusto machine switches on but there is no longer any sound from the pump and it's not drawing water. Eventually the light goes from green to red without producing any coffee. We live in a soft water area so it's not timescale, there wasn't any issues with it yesterday.

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At the beginning, on most of these coffeemakers, the LED display flashes red for approx. 30 seconds. This is the phase in which the machine is heating up. When it's ready, the LED indicator will turn green. So: does this happen? If not I would think of a broken heater or thermosensor. I fear you have to open it, perhaps you can measure the resistance of the heater or the sensor. Another possibility is a broken pump. But as always: it's difficult to say without seeing the device.

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Check out the water pump. The water pump module can be faulty, or the fuse can be blown. To determine if the pump unit is operational, you may carefully have it wired directly to electric outlet for a quick test. Look for the manuals how to do that. You need to dismantle the bottom side, and disconnect the current wiring. If the pump is faulty, ordering the replacement part may not pay off. If it is the fuse, you should be able to have it replaced fairly easily.

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