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Why is my laptop not going to the starting screen

Everytime I turn on my laptop it turns on is on the starting screen then the loading circle freezes and it repeats it again

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@alex409 access the BIOS and check the boot order. Get a bootable USB drive and see if you can boot from that. This sounds like some sort of software error, or even a corrupted drive,


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Try interrupting the boot a few times (usually a hard shut down in the middle of the spinning circles 3 times in a row will get it to prompt “Automatic Repair”) and it should go to Windows Recovery. There are a number of options here, but I would start with simple “startup repair” and see if that helps. Or gets a different response.

If it doesn’t even do that, you’ll need a Windows Bootable installer to see if that can correct the issue.

I would also run hardware diagnostics. On a Spam F12 on power on and see if you can get to the Boot menu (once you see the “prepping one time boot” in the lower right you’re golden. There should be an option here for diagnostics. It will make loud noises so be prepared for that. Especially if anything fails.

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