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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen zu Googles Pixel 7 Pro Smartphone, erschienen im Oktober 2022. Die Modellnummern sind GP4BC und GE2AE.

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After screem replacement microphone only works for calls

After replacing my screen with the iFixit one, i've notticed that my microphone only works for a phone call. Nothing else works, nor google assistant, nor the recorder nor nothing. Top mic seems to work as on the video recording it is the one that is getting the sound

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I don't have a solution, but I do have the same issue. seems both microphones are broken for me.


Same here!Both microphones dead after replacing the screen


:( Same here


I have the same issues, replace my screen now mic doesn't work except for calls and some apps.


same problem


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@lucianobuszmicz This seems to be a common issue with the Pixel 7. I've linked a thread here that you may find helpful. Someone suggests cleaning out the microphone hole with first a vacuum then blowing air into it. It is possible that during the screen replacement process, some finger dirt or perhaps adhesive from the screen got into the microphone.

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Hi @dannish,

Wouldn't a blocked microphone hole also prevent the microphone from working properly on calls?

The OP says it does work but only on calls, nothing else. Presumably they're not using the phone in speaker mode on calls when saying this


@jayeff That's what I thought until I read the thread, apparently certain software on that phone uses both top and bottom mics, some only use 1. So those which rely on 1 mic will be completely unusable, but those which use both still work. It's odd but the solution on there seems popular.

I've experienced OCA getting into a speaker and dulling the sound quite significantly during a phone screen repair myself so it could be possible for mics as well. Mic holes are even smaller than earpiece speaker holes so that could just be it.



Fair enough.



I tried this fix but still no luck. It would appear after replacing my screen with an Ifixit OEM screen, my bottom mic no longer works. I was quite careful during the replacement. Is it possible I broke something internally? Everything else seems to function normally except the bottom mic.



Same here.. si frustating.. juste waiting to see if the next software update will fix it


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