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Repair and service information related to Dell Inspiron 15" (inch) laptops.

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Identifying replacement Dell power plug "71162"

Where can I find a replacement barrel power plug for a Dell N5030 laptop? I've desoldered it from the board but can not find a suitable replacement part.

It's marked "71162" (maybe "Z1162"?) on the side, and connects to the board via 9 solder points, 3 of which seem to be functional and 6 structural. I've included photos for reference.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@ericdand check under DC-In jack. Looks like one of the Type A on here

The Z1162 is a manufacturer number and thus for internal use only. Searches on that will most likely show no results.

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Thanks for the pointer! Those ones were sold out but I found some other ones from another seller on AliExpress.


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