Please shot specifications for my ice dispenser.

Our ice dispenser inside the frige has stopped dispensing ice when we push the button, but we hear the motor running. The bottom ice storage compartment for cubes is working fine. It appears that the motor drive does not advance the ice tray to dispense the ice . I can't find a way to open the dispenser to check inside. Can you help?

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Hi @walterlapointe,

Please post the full model number of the refrigerator.

There are 34 different variants of the number you posted, some have ice makers, some don't, some are french door type models, others aren't.

Knowing the full model number will ensure that the correct info, parts etc can be found e.g. RF263TEAESR AA 0007, RF263TEAESP AA 0003, RF263TEAESG AA 0000 etc


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