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The Samsung RF23J9011 is a 21.8 cu. ft. capacity 4-door French door refrigerator featuring a counter-depth design, fingerprint resistant finish, FlexZoneTM drawer with four temperature settings, and an external water dispenser with an in-door ice maker.

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Ice maker broken and test button not responding

Not making ice but water dispenser is working. Test button not responding. Water level is hard to determine but seems low on left side of ice maker. new filter changed and checked for proper installation. Refrigerator purchased Jan 2021.

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Hi @staceykneer

Here's the service manual for the refrigerator.

Go to p.54 to view how to run the Self-diagnostic function during normal operation and check what error codes (if any) are displayed that pertain to the ice maker. See p.55→p.58 for error codes and what to check

On p.78 there is a When the ICE MAKER does not operate troubleshooting flowchart that may also help

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