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The Samsung RF24J9960 is a 36-inch French door refrigerator with a 24 cu. ft. capacity, featuring a Twin Cooling Plus system, FlexZone temperature-controlled drawer, and an external ice and water dispenser. This Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator allows for remote temperature control and monitoring using the SmartThings app.

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Why is my refrigerator not cooling

This refrigerator has intermittently stopped cooling. It happened first 6 months ago and the compressor was replaced. It still did not cool, replaced evaporator fan and that seemed to fix the problem. Last week it stopped cooling again. Both compressors are running and the condenser fan is running. But it does not cool. Where should I start, this refrigerator is like working on a spaceship. The freezer portion has always maintained a proper temperature. The side of the freezer that can also be a refrigerator also maintains any temperature you set it at.

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Hi @andrewjohn95086

If the refrigerator is a Samsung RF24J9960S4/AA model variant here's the service manual that may help.

Go to p.72 and when the refrigerator is not cooling as required, try the Section ''2) Self-diagnostic function during normal operation'' procedure and check if there are any error codes being shown.

The error codes meaning and checks are shown on p.73→p.76.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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@jayeff thanks for responding, that is the process I used to determine that the evaporator fan was not working. Currently it is not showing any error codes when the self diagnostic is ran.



Try the fan troubleshooting flowchart as shown on p.94 of the service manual


All of the fans are currently working correctly.



If the temp is OK you may have to wait until it is not cooling when it should be and then check.

You did say it was intermittent.


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