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Repair information and guides for saws, including circular saws, jigsaws, and scroller saws.

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How do I replace the spindle gear on Milwaukee cordless circular saw?

I was given a Milwaukee 18V cordless circular saw, Model 6310-20, Serial 057A----.
I took the saw apart and found a number of broken teeth on the spindle gear. The gear at the end of the armature shaft is in good condition.
The Milwaukee parts diagram shows that the gear and spindle shaft are separate parts.
There is no circlip holding the gear on to the spindle shaft or woodruff key keying the gear to the shaft.
Is the old gear just pressed off of the spindle shaft and the new gear pressed on?

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Milwaukee is one of the nice companies, I have found. On their website, click support, and then manuals. There is an operator manual, wiring instructions, service parts list, and 7 Product Support Bulletins. It sounds like you found them too.

I don't have the specific saw, so not sure, but I would suspect so.

Contacting them may even have some support to get replacement parts. The couple of times I have contacted them, they had been helpful

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