What would cause this iPad mini 6 screen glitch?

I woke up one morning to my iPad mini 6 glitching out and unusable. Used it the night before with no issues. It did not charge overnight and it did not update overnight. I took it to the Apple Store and they did some magical software reboot that fixed it… temporarily. Now, a couple days later, it’s back and it seems to be for good. Did a complete restore both in recovery mode and DFU mode to no avail. Any ideas on what the deal is? Seems to be either a software/ firmware glitch, or a defect in the main logic board/ cables. I do want to note that it was running the iPadOS 17 beta at the time this occurred but this seems to be too extreme of a glitch for a simple beta software. It is under warranty and Apple said they would replace it for free if the issue returned. But I’d still like to know what would cause this.

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