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A2115 / 2020 / Prozessoren beginnend mit 3,1 GHz 6-Core i5, bis 3,8 GHz 8-Core i7. Markteintritt am 4. August 2020.

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Screen is black after trying to upgrade ram.

Trying to upgrade ram from factory 8GB to 32GB (4x8GB), but no image (can hear the fan spinning, but no chime sound, nothing else), put the old ram back, and still the samething (no image, nothing except the fan spinning), and no image on external monitor either. Removed all rams and turn it on (same thing, no beep, nothing but fan spinning). I don't think I damaged anything as I did the ram upgrade on my other iMac desktops many times before. So, what could be wrong here? Any thoughts?


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Considering you've done these before and not had any problems, I'm going to assume you've inserted them fully, and lifted the retaining lever to lock the DIMMs into place.

Going off of the "it is physically in the right place properly" theory, electrical discharge would be my first concern. Did you make sure you were grounded and discharged any static electricity before touching internal components? Did you make sure the computer was powered off fully, unplugged, and that any residual power was drained from it before touching internal components?


I did shut it down properly and disconnected the power cord before opening the ram cover, but did not check the static electricity discharge, etc. could that cause this issue entirely?


@lovecd Possibly. It is very unlikely, but possible. Most professionals will keep a grounding strap on their wrist to prevent any build up, but it is just as easy to touch an exposed piece of metal (such as your desk or even the inside of the computer frame) before touching any components.

The bigger concerns are the power cord and etc., which you did, so this is unlikely the cause of your issue.


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A common issue is not fitting the RAM modules in correctly or fully. I’ve also seen people damage their systems as they didn’t shutdown the system properly and not disconnect the power cord first.

Staying with the original RAM remove them fully and inspect the contact area, is there any visible damage or differences between the Modules? Like maybe something got knocked off.

If you don’t see any issues re-insert, firmly press the module in squarely and the set the latch bar. Is your system back to the start point?

Repeat again this time with the new RAM, but this time only install two, try the top and then the bottom I don’t remember which needs to be loaded first where you able to get that far? Now install the other two. Are you still working?

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@ Dan - thanks Dan, will try it again tonight and keep you updated.


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