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Husqvarna 215iL, string hid in the trimmer head


I have the following problem with my trimmer Husqvarana 215iL. The
trimmer string entirely hid in the head and I can not get it out (see
the picture attached). Would appreciate any ideas on how to deal with it. Thanx

Block Image

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@vladislavmavrin This should be an easy fix by just following the string replacement procedure, which can be found on the 3rd last page of the manual.

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Hi Dany, thank you for your reply.

The manual says how to insert a new string if the trimmer does not have any, and no information on how to take the one which is already inside. The problem is that I can not open the head (neither I am sure whether it could be opened as there is no info on it).


@vladislavmavrin I can't really see from your picture, but this video may help you open the head!



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