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The Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer by Conair was released in 2013 as a salon performance AC styling tool. Infinity Pro is equipped with a light and powerful AC motor. Other features of the Infinity Pro are its true cold shot button, its concentrator and diffuser attachments, and its 3 heat and 2 speed rocket switches. The hair dryer comes in the colors orange or violet.

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Why the flow of my hair dryer is too slow?

My hair dryer is working too slow . I switched the mods but its not working .

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Do you mean the high-low switch is not working?


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It is possible the fan is clogged. Dust can get pulled into the fan and build up a layer that blocks the air.

Here is a guide that shows how to open it to clean the fan.

Conair Infiniti Pro Model 259NP Fan Motor Assembly Replacement

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