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Have not used in several years and was not plugged in. Now wipower up

Is there a internal battery that I need to replace?

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@josephdebo Your laptop should come on even without the battery charging. If your battery has not been charged for a long time, it most likely has discharged below its threshold and will no longer accept a charge.

First you want to check your power supply. Make sure it has the proper voltages. Check the DC-in jack of your laptop. Make sure there is not corrosion, debris etc. that prevents it from working. After that you need to check and see if your motherboard even gets power.

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Dear Joseph Debo,

First, you should diagnose your motherboard to determine why your battery is not functioning properly again.

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Main Battery was dead would only operate when plugged in. I know on old pc's AT &XT vintage their used to be a separate internal Battery that held CMOS settings when not plugged in that you could replace.


If there is a malfunction, it can drain your battery and cause it to die.


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