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The Black N Decker Toast R Oven TRO200 is a 4 slice under counter toaster oven with bake and toasting capabilities.

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Where can I find these parts?

Hey Guys I wanted to know if this can still be fixed and where I can find these parts

Block Image

Block Image

. This is actually from a The Black N Decker Toast R Oven TRO205

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@safeabuck86 looks like the control for your thermostat. I am certain you can still find a repalcment. Let us know what the exact model number for your toaster is. You may have to jury-rig it to make one fit but that should not be an issue. you seem to have lots of room in the enclosure. Do an online search and check for something like "Bimetallic Heating Thermostat Temperature Switch"

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