Lcd black after drop

I have a new Moto G power 2022. I dropped it off the top of my house last week after only owning It 2 days. Now the LCD backlight does not work. I have noticed schematics online for other models on how to run a jumper wire from the LCM to the LCD backlight. Does anyone on here how the ability to help me with either a schematic or a picture on how to bypass the LCM and just run power to the lcd. I don't care if the brightness level works I just want to be able to see the screen. The screen is so dark you can barely see some numbers and images that are super white only in direct sunlight. You cannot see anything inside. Please help if you can. Thanks

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@jon43544 Does your phone still come on? Can you feel it vibrate or can you hear the startup sound? I wager a bypass will not work for your display. I am convinced that you have some physical damage on the backlights, as well as the screen. Turn your phone on and in a darkened room, shine a flashlight beam at the screen (at an angle works best). See if you can make out your home screen. If you do, it's your backlight if you don't it's your screen.


, it does come on. You can rapidly tilt the phone back and forth and the flashlight comes on and I can shut it down or restart it normally by memory. You could see the screen in direct sunlight barely until yesterday. Now it seems that something else has happened and even in direct sunlight you can only just make out a few words here and there as long as the font is white. At one time I added a jumper wire to a Samsung a02 to turn the backlight of the LCD back on. It was stuck on medium brightness forever but at least you could see the screen. You came from pin one of the LCM chip to the 16th pin of the 24-pin connector and as long as the phone was on the screen was lit up. I just can't find anything online saying I can do this same thing to the Moto g. Any help would be great. I'm not in a position to get a new phone and it's very important that I get this one working.


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