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Find repair and further details about the Samsung RF30HB*DB** refrigerator—a compact, built-in model with a bottom-mounted freezer, French door access, automatic defrost system, and an ice maker, including a 'Thru the Door' service feature introduced in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF30HB*DB**.

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samsung RF30bedbsr/aa model freezer is not going down to zero degree

my samsung RF30bedbsr/aa model freezer is not going down to zero degree. It's at 40F. freezer should be below zero. I cleaned every coil, I opened up inside panel to see any ice being build up but it's clean. What else can be the problem. I have french door refrigerator, and bottom drawer as my freezer. Please help

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Hi @amit50932

Did you mean Samsung RF30hbedbsr/aa?

If so, what is the full model number of the refrigerator as there are 17 different variants having the same model number but a different suffix number e.g. RF30hbedbsr/aa00 thru to /aa03, /aa0010 thru to /aa0012 and /aa0000 thru to /aa0009.

Knowing the full model number will help, so that the correct parts for your particular model variant can be linked if a part needs replacing

Here's the section of the service manual for the RF30hbedbsr series refrigerators that may help.

Scroll down to 2). Self-diagnostic function during normal operation and check if any error codes are being shown when you run the diagnostic tests.

The meaning of any error codes shown are on the following pages in the service manual.

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