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Die Mitsubishi MMCS NR-261 Serie mit HDD ist ein Auto-Navigationssystem, das von Mitsubishi Motors hergestellt wird. Es wurde im Jahr 2012 vom MMCS NR-242 abgelöst.

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Sound is quiet on full volume, j-01

I have a English converted mmcs j-01 system, the sound is extremely quiet even though it is on full volume, the Amp has been checked and is working fine, it is part of the rockford fosgate system, there is also no nav set up since the conversion, is there a way to fix it or do I need to replace it?

And also can I get a mmcs system that has Bluetooth capability without losing the other features but is in English?

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I believe you should just be able to purchase and install an European or North American unit… Though I don’t know for sure if they have a different pinout. I would guess not, but you should still check before buying anything. Better safe than sorry, since the J-01 Version is a rather unique early version with a lot of features missing, like support for Bluetooth or the CANBox. You might find the entries in this Forum useful.

Bluetooth functionality is handled by the Hands Free Module. It’s not a part of the MMCS. Note that Version J-01 does not support connecting an HFM. Versions R-01, R-02, E-01, E-02, E-03, C-01, P-01, N-01, N-02, N-03, N-04, J-02, J-03, J-04 R-01, R-02, E-01, E-02, E-03, C-01, P-01, N-01, N-02, N-03, N-04, J-02, J-03, J-04 support the older style of HFM with Bluetooth only, while Versions R-03, E-04, E-05, E-06, P-02, C-02, J-05, N-05 R-03, E-04, E-05, E-06, P-02, C-02, J-05, N-05 work with the newer HFM Versions.

As for navigation, the last map update was from 2017 (the actual map data is from July 2016) and still costs 157€ (Unless you would be open to tinkering with the software of the device yourself). I don’t know how useful that is compared to just using google maps. If you live in North America I believe map updates aren’t even sold any more.

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